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Auto Air Conditioning

Most of the time, your car's air conditioning works fine and you don't even think about it. But when the weather is hot and your A/C stops working, you notice it fast. At Affordable Transmission and Auto Repair, we offer complete Automotive Air Conditioning maintenance and repair.

Car Air Conditioning Components

The air conditioning system in your vehicle is designed to circulate refrigerant - either R-12 Freon or R-134a through the system to pump heat from the inside of the vehicle to the outside. Older vehicles used Freon or R-12 refrigerant. However, due to environmental concerns, all new vehicles now use R-134a Refrigerant. If you have a vehicle with the older coolant, you will need to have it serviced by a qualified shop with the skills and equipment to replace and dispose of the older R-12. Your vehicle air conditioner has a low-pressure system to collect the thermal energy from your car's interior. The low-pressure components include the Thermal Expansion Valve and Evaporator. Your A/C also has a high-pressure system that receives the heat bearing fluid from the low-pressure system and dissipates the heat to the outside of your vehicle. The high-pressure side includes a compressor, condenser, and receiver-dryer.

Expert A/C Technicians

At Affordable Transmission and Auto Repair we have the most up-to-date Air conditioning servicing equipment and experienced technicians on staff who can take care of all of your A/C maintenance and repair needs. Some of our services include: Find and Repair refrigerant line leaks Refrigerant recharge R-12 to R134a refrigerant conversion Complete system check-out and diagnostics A/C Compressor repair or replacement low-pressure system diagnostic and repair high-pressure component diagnostic and repair Let the experienced technicians at Affordable Transmission and Auto Repair keep you running cool this summer.

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